How to make articles on mobile

How to make articles on mobile

Growth depends on the creative writing skills of the writer. Once a writer becomes an advanced user then Growth will increase and the Reward will increase correspondingly.

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How to make article on mobile

After reviewing the performance of a writer on daily basis, points will be calculated from five different perspectives. They are:

a) Originality: Your unique, creative and innovative articles will be checked by the system automatically. Writers posting copy pasted(Plagiarism) articles from other sites and platforms will effect on writer"s grade system.

b) Influence: Name itself suggests that it is given by the popularity of particular article in accordance to views, likes, followers and shares. Articles should be clear to reach the reader"s user-ability. Quality content attracts readers to follow your account and increases the influence on your articles through views.

c) Health: In this element, rules of content policy are considered for generating "Healthy" contents. If user violates any rules of content policy, his/her health points will decrease.

d) Professionalism: Writers can post articles on various categories like fun, travel, food and so on. Writers will be given points according to their professional field of writing.

e) Activeness: Daily activity of author will be calculated by the number of articles he/she posts per day.

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