Current affairs all questions

Current affairs all questions 

Question: How many teeth are there in a mosquito's mouth?

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Current affairs all question

 Answer: mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

Question: What kind of animal is that which is immortal on the earth?

 Answer: Jellyfish

 Question: International Women's Day is celebrated?

 Answer: March 8

 Question: What is the world's second largest continent?

 Answer: Africa

 Question: Who pays the Prime Minister to the Prime Minister?

 Answer: The Prime Minister receives the salaries from the accumulated fund.

 Question: What is the main basis of National Integration Education?

 Answer: Education

 Question: Which city is called the lake town?

 Answer: Udaipur

Question: Which bird does not have feathers?

 Answer: Kiwi bird

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Question: PM modi father name is ?

 Answer: Mr. Damodardas Mulchand is Modi.

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 Question: Which country women can not. drive?

 Answer: Saudi Arabia

 Question: Which is the state with the lowest population rate in India?

 Answer: Nagaland and Kerala

 Q: What does G mean in 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G?

 Answer: G stands for Generation.

 Question: Who is the Mahajan Committee related to?

 Answer: From sugar industry

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Question: Who gave the title of King to Shivaji?

 Answer: Aurangzeb

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