English Language and its importance in India

English Language and its importance in India


English is not only a language for communication but also the life-line for economic development for India. Though Our nation is a multi-lingual, English is the accepted language next only to Hindi in India. English is the medium of instruction in schools and colleges. Without English, there is no possibility to get a job in India.

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English Language and its importance

History of English language:

British ruled India for 500 years. They needed Indians to learn English to do clerical work. Example typing English documents. Therefore introduced English in Indian schools. Lord Macaulay thought of education system brought here to suit the will of the British Government. Lord Macaulay framed the syllabus for schools.

English achieved its status as a Global language during the British regime in India. The British not only ruled India but also the different countries all over the world. They used to say" The Sun never Sets in the British Empire".After they left India, Indians found out the importance of the language. 

During Jawarharlal Nehru's regime, English became the medium of schools and colleges.There are different types of the syllabus here like CBSE, ICSE, Matric boards. Each curriculum shows the prominence of the English language. 

Every Indian parent likes to educate their children in English only. They are happy to hear the English from their kid's mouth. English became the passion and fashion of the nation.

English opens up the opportunity to the world. Many books and documents are in English. The medium of communication on the web is English. Therefore, we have to know English to know the world's culture, heritage and facts.

Conclusion: Every Indian knows English in the form of speaking or reading or writing and listening. English has gained its prominence as it mingled with our Mother Tongue. Many of us use English words with our mother tongue. 

English is a developing language for its flexibility and borrowing words from the other. For example, English borrowed many words from Hindi, Sanskrit, Greek, french and Italy. For instance: Catamaran is the route word from Tamil "Kattumaram".

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