List of Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

List of Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

In this modern era, everyone must be highly educated to get success in there life but to get a higher education is not cheap. We all know that higher education is very expensive so in that case, one must get a scholarship to get that but the problem is that most of the person doesn't know about them.

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Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

I want to ask a question from you. How many scholarships you know for undergraduate? Most of you may only know about inspire and NSP but in our country, we also have some other scholarships.

Let's explore them.

1. G.P. Birla Scholarship

This Scholarship comes in between May and July. This is an undergraduate scholarship for meritorious students of West Bengal.

Scholarship worth up to INR 50000 per year with some additional benefits.

2. Foundation for Excellence Scholarship

This Scholarship comes in between October and December. This is a very good scholarship for meritorious students of 1st year BE, B.Tech, MBBS or 5 Year Integrated M.Tech. In the eligibility of this scholarship, we have the cut-off which can be check on the website.

According to Wikipedia, this foundation has provided over $11.4 million in over 38,168 scholarships to 14,895 students across 25 states in India.

3. Keep India Smiling Foundation Scholarship Programme.

This is a very good scholarship not only for UG courses but also available on the school level. In this image, you can see students who get this scholarship. This scholarship aims to provide financial support to individuals. This helps all those who are deserving and meritorious but may lack resources to pursue their dreams.

4. Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme

Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship Programme is run by Reliance Foundation. It provides financial assistance to meritorious and specially-abled students of class 12. Almost half of the scholars are girls. More than 11,500 meritorious students have been awarded under this programme.

5. JM Sethia Merit scholarship scheme

This is also a very good scholarship but the amount gets in this is not so high. This is a merit Scholarship that provides an opportunity of class 9 to postgraduate meritorious students. Under this program, the selected students get INR 700 per month.

These are few of the scholarships available but there are also some others like JSPN Scholarship, IDB Undergraduate Scholarship Programme, KVPY scholarship, Nagaland State Merit Scholarship, JC bose National Fellowship.

At last, the conclusion is that our country has the resources and if anyone wants to study than finance is not a problem. For different students, we have different scholarships so now it is our responsibility to spread this knowledge due to which no one remains unable to get an education.

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